When it has soldiers, the apocalypse and a suspicious holiday cottage, how could you not fancy being part of the newest thing to come to the Playhouse? Three young Penrith-based writers are bringing their work to life and are looking for anyone who wants to be involved. The production consists of a collection of three brand new one act plays, all linked by the phrase “Behind Closed Doors”. Keep reading to find out a little about each one!

  1. The End Is Nigh by Hannah Sowerby – Estranged siblings Andy and Sasha find themselves battling against the apocalypse, armed only with spam, a radio and a shared determination to save their father. The world outside seems like a world away, but is everything really as it seems?
  2. Lest We Forget by Tash Shaw – Tom struggles to come to terms with his fading memory of the present and recurring nightmares of a past he thought forgotten. But history won’t stay on the History Channel, leaving Tom no choice but to finally face his demons.
  3. Wrong Side Of The Line by Zoë Badder – Working in the telesales part of a mail order company can be a challenge. Ben knows this, and he’s always considered himself prepared for any situation. But there was no way he could have ever prepared himself for Bill Vaughan.

If you are interested in a part, getting involved behind the scenes, or just reading the play, find out more by coming to the casting evening for Behind Closed Doors on May 19th, 7.30pm in the Theatre bar.
The plays will be directed by the playwrights themselves and will run from September 7th-9th. If you can’t make May 19th but would like to get involved, email us at marketing@penrithplayers.co.uk and we’ll forward your details onto the directors.