Auditions for Under Milk Wood will take place at the Playhouse on Tuesday 1 March and Tuesday 8 March, both at 7.30pm.

The play is due to run 8 – 11 June.

Director Roy Beeby says of the play…

Thomas writes about a day in the life of a small, out of the way village in South Wales. “Stop yawning at the back!” – I promise it is not as dull as it sounds. With characters like the schoolteacher with murderous intentions towards his wife, the butcher who helps to keep the local cat population under control and stock his shelves at the same time, the elderly lady who nags two husbands to death and a postman who can tell the recipients of letters what is in them as he delivers; this play is far from dull.

Originally broadcast on the radio and with a lot of different scenes and a substantial number of characters this play lends itself to being presented on a bare stage. My intention is to dress the stage as a radio studio. Because of the very large number of characters each cast member will have more than one part to play. To help avoid confusion in the audience each character will have an item of clothing or accessory to identify them. Parts will have to be learned of course but NOT MEMORISED as scripts will be used to help give the impression of a radio production. 

The challenge to actors is not being able to be as physical as normal; most of the effect is achieved by use of the voice; thinking musically – oratorio rather than opera.

As to Welsh accent:- I would obviously prefer people to use an accent but there are ways we can get round the issue, so if you don’t feel happy about speaking with a Welsh accent don’t let that put you off.

If you are interested but unable to make the audition contact Roy on 01461 202266 or