DAYDREAMING about being a princess might be a common pastime for a teenage girl, but what is not so common is for those dreams to actually start coming true. However, for 15-year-old Olivia Fraser that’s exactly what happened in A Dream Come True.
Evie Radcliffe was outstanding as Olivia, who seemed to only have to wish for something wondrous to happen and then, somehow, it magically did. It’s clear that each and every one of the eight-strong cast of Penrith Junior Players worked their socks off in order to bring to life such an ambitious and inventive show.
Written and directed by Judith Henderson and Zoë Badder, who are both long-time members of Penrith Players, there were moments of pure comic genius as well as scenes which touched on the genuine warmth of family life.
Alisha Haines was a hoot as Olivia’s grandma and looked very much at home with her knitting, while Taryn Lumley was impressive in her multiple roles, including that of a doctor who bore more than a passing resemblance to Lord Flashheart from BBC’s Blackadder.
Lauren Foudy, who also played multiple roles, was excellent as a world-weary tooth fairy, and Marci Radcliffe was equally convincing in each of her many guises.
With smaller parts were Xanthe Melling, Jamie Badder and Tamar Birkett, but each made their mark with, at times, almost show-stealing turns.
The sound and lighting effects worked very well — transporting the audience to, among others, Paris Fashion Week and the Oscars.
Cast: Evie Radcliffe, Olivia Fraser; Taryn Lumley, Curtis, mum, doctor; Alisha Haines, grandma, Ms Marple; Jamie Badder, Jillings, Prince Justin, Paris MC, Oscar announcer; Lauren Foudy, cleaner, model, dentist, tooth fairy, Lady Edgware; Tamar Birkett, cleaner, model, train conductor, Charlie; Marci Radcliffe, Queen Thyme, model, Princess Catherine, next door neighbour; Xanthe Melling, maid, model, grumpy grandma.
Crew: Judith Henderson, director, producer, costume and props; Zoë Badder, director, producer, sound and lighting; set, Judith Henderson, Zoë Badder, Alisha Haines, Dennis Henderson, Dale Normington; rehearsal prompt, David Ross. Additional material was written by Hannah Sowerby.
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