Bombshells By Joanna Murray-Smith

Hopefully some members still recall our highly amusing production of “The Female of the Species” which we put on in 2014. Director Lizzie has chosen another work by the same author for a bar production which will run on 10th, 11th and 12th of November this year.

The piece consists of a number of funny, often touching monologues by variously “the teenager”, “the bride to be”, “the exhausted young mother”, and “the lonely widow”.  High praise from The Guardian: “As observant as anything in Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” “.

We are looking for enthusiastic women of various ages to fill the six – or fewer – parts. Possibly some actors will be cast in two parts. A very elastic casting situation!

Rehearsals similarly will be organised according to need – we envisage getting together once a fortnight during July and August, and then more often thereafter.

First reading and casting evening will be 20th June at 7.30pm at the Playhouse, with another on 27th June.  Anyone who is interested but cannot make these dates please contact Lizzie on 01768864675 or by e mail