Actors for a 30min low-budget independent short film, Olde Habits, shooting in Penrith this summer.

2 lead roles, 2 support roles. Roles are unpaid but the final product is intended for national festival submission.

Synopsis: Jack messed up. He’s not quite an alcoholic, not really a drug addict, but after toeing the line one too many times with his partying ways, it was off to rehab. Olde Habits follows Jack in the first few days back from the clinic, wherein he has to prove to himself he can make this sobriety thing stick, or else his girlfriend is taking their young son and leaving. Having had no real company for the last 30 days other than Sir Dan, the bargain-bin knight of old his stressed subconscious has conjured up to chastise him, Jack is desperate to see his friends and family again. The problem now though, is whether Jack is able to reconcile the old parts of his life – his friends, his home, his identity – with the newer, family oriented, sober version of himself, and if it’s even possible to have one without losing the other.


  • Jack (Male, Early-to-late-20’s): A usually upbeat guy struggling with temptation and the need to truly take something seriously for once.
  • Sir Dan (Male, Early-to-late-20’s): Jack’s will to succeed, his fear of failure, and all his other worries manifest themselves as a knight of olde who encourages and criticises him during his attempt at maintaining sobriety.
  • Frank (Male, Early-to-late-20’s): A childhood friend of Jack’s and his first point of contact after rehab, a willing to help but perpetually stoned pillar of support.
  • Ashley (Female, Early-to-late-20’s): Having not previously met Jack, when a small gathering of friends becomes a full blown party Ashley’s flirtatious ways and offer of a drink are an unwitting threat to Jack’s success.

All applicants welcome, intended shooting dates throughout August, subject to availability.

If interested, please contact with a headshot or clear, recent photo and some details about yourself and any previous acting experience.