On Wednesday 15th June starting 7pm, there will be a casting evening for Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia, performing in October, so please come along if you are interested.  It’s a great play, considered a masterpiece and voted in the top five of theatregoers’ favourites across the country.  Its two intertwining stories are set in 1809 and the 1990’s, as a modern-day garden historian and author seeks the identity of a mysterious hermit who lived in the garden for 20 years in Edwardian times.  Packed with ideas, witty and ultimately tragic… come along and find out more.

The main 1809 cast include:

  • Thomasina, the slightly precocious teenage daughter and an unexpected genius
  • Septimus, her confident young tutor (early 20s)
  • Her mother the wonderfully expressive Lady Croom, (late 30’s or so)

with four smaller roles:

  • Ezra Chater a gullible poet (30ish)
  • Noakes, a middle aged landscape architect
  • Captain Brice, a not-overly-bright Royal Navy captain
  • Jellaby the butler who could be any age.

The 1990’s cast includes

  • Hannah, a dedicated historian and author in her 30’s
  • Bernard, an over-ambitious don in his 30’s
  • Brother and sister Valentine (20s) and Chloe (18ish), members of the aristocratic family
  • Gus/Augustus, a young man who plays a role in both camps (one of those never speaks, so easy on the lines!)

Rehearsals will mainly take place from the beginning of September and because of the two strands we will be able to separate many of the rehearsals, so not too onerous!

Do come along if you can, but if you are interested in a part (or helping out) and can’t make the date then please contact Ian Baker on admin@penrithplayers.co.uk.