December 10th, 7.30

Tiny Beautiful Things is a relatively short (60 page) ensemble piece for four players, with all actors on stage all the time. Sugar is a writer and mother in her 40’s, a woman who’s had a hard, messy life, but whose suffering has given her a fierce honesty and compassion. She is joined in her home by three Letter Writers. 

The Letter Writers can be any age and gender, and they each embody a wide range of characters, as they assume the identities of the advice-seekers. From bored middle aged spouses tempted by cheating, to sulky teenagers, to bereaved parents, the Letter Writers ask all kinds of questions—big, small, silly and searching. The Letter Writers’ parts are divided fairly equally, and although Sugar does have the most lines, the play is very much a four-hander.

Performance dates Feb 20 – 23. 

Please note, Tiny Beautiful Things contains explicit language and adult themes and is intended for mature audiences.