Following on from the informal read through in August there will now be an official casting evening on Saturday 8th September, 7pm in the bar!

All are welcome, whether you’re wanting to perform in the play or just to unleash your inner Rowan Atkinson! We’ll be aiming to read through the three episodes we’ll be staging Nov 28th-Dec 1st & Dec 5th-8th, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity to get involved and have a go at any part in this classic comedy!

The episodes are:
CAPTAIN COOK-Blackadder volunteers as an official war artist not realising this is a ruse for sending someone on a highly dangerous mission
PRIVATE PLANE-Blackadder attempts to get off the front lines by joining the renowned 20-minuters led by the great airman Lord Flashheart!
GENERAL HOSPITAL-Blackadder is tasked with finding a spy in a military hospital, and there’s one obvious suspect

All roles are available, 8 men and 2 women. The 5 main roles are Captain Blackadder, Private Baldrick, General Melchett, Lieutenant George, Captain Darling who appear in all three episodes. The supporting roles are Lord Flashheart, Baron Von Richtofen, Brigadier Smith and the two womens roles Private “Bob” Parkhurst and Nurse Mary who each appear in either PRIVATE PLANE or GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Volunteers for backstage and technical are also required for those interested in getting involved behind the scenes.