A delightful romp through the vivid world of Cumbria’s most colourful character, Hugh Lowther, the 5th Earl of Lonsdale, AKA the Yellow Earl.

This is a unique opportunity to see the story of the Yellow Earl at Lowther Castle itself. Performed across 4 evenings in the Lowther Castle Sculpture Galley, this very intimate performance will host just 50 audience members per evening in unallocated seating. So book up quickly whilst tickets are available, this is expected to be a popular show. 

The 5th Earl of Lonsdale, Hugh Lowther, was perhaps the most famous English Lord in the world by the 1880s. Reckless spending, womanising, and a love of gambling, horses, hunting and boxing, rocked the aristocracy and has endeared him to risk-takers and bon-viveurs the world over ever since. 

From the circus, buffalo hunting and being a rancher in Wyoming to his close friendship with Edward VII, founding the Automobile Association, and being a generous benefactor, he was a showman in everything he did. This play is an elegant and fascinating tribute to one of aristocracy’s greatest eccentrics.

The play has been written by local playwright, Robin Acland.