Autumn Programme


What’s on
We have a cracking autumn programme of three plays lined up at the Penrith Playhouse, interspersed with a fantastic comedy evening. Read on to find out more…….

Arcadia – Oct 19th to 22nd
Our Autumn programme starts with Tom Stoppard’s all time classic, voted in the top five of theatregoers’ favourites across the country. Set in both the early 19th and late 20th centuries a young teenage girl is a mathematics prodigy whose genius is not recognised for nearly 300yrs.  Add to this a murder, some fantastic dry wit, a caustic Lady of the house and a parallel story in the 1990’s and you have a fantastic night’s theatre.

“Just Like That!” – Nov 4th
A comic interlude is “Just Like That!” – The Tommy Cooper Show from external company Hambledon Productions. Endorsed by the late comedian/magician as the definitive tribute to his comedy genius, you’ll be rolling in the aisles!

Bombshells – Nov 10th-12th
Following on in the Playhouse Bar are five fantastic female monologues – the Teenager, the Bride, the Mother, the Deserted and the Widowed each reveal their innermost reactions to their very differing joys and problems, each subtly – and very often hilariously – casting shadows and insights on each other. A highly entertaining evening’s theatre – these dazzling monologues were described in The Guardian:  “ as observant as anything in Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads”, in THE TIMES as “jaw-droppingly good”.

Oscar Wilde’s – Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime – Nov 30th – Dec 3rd
Finally, a pre-Christmas treat; Savile is engaged to lovely Sybil Merton whose palm reader, Podgers, has read Lord Arthur’s palm and foretold he will commit a murder. Lord Arthur desires a blissful married life and feels duty bound to get the murder over with first! Despite help from his butler and the cheerful anarchist Winkelkopf, attempt after attempt fails. News comes that Podgers is a charlatan & Lord Arthur is free to take the carriage to the wedding rehearsal – alas, it contains Winkelkopf’s newest bomb which leads to an explosive ending!