This enigmatic thriller follows a cunning yet charming ex-thief as he tries to make his way from rags to riches. 

This is an original adaptation by Tash Binder of the popular and award winning ‘Montmorency’ book series written by Eleanor Updale.

Fleeing across a roof on a dark night in Victorian London, a thief crashes through a glass skylight to almost certain death. But an ambitious young doctor revives and reconstructs his shattered body, proudly showing off his handiwork at the Scientific Society where the city’s intelligentsia meet. It is there that the robber picks up the key to a new existence, and on his release from prison begins to lead a double life. But which is the real Montmorency? Can he fight off the dangers that threaten both his lives?

‘Montmorency is one of the most original, witty and delicious books to have arrived for a very long time…macabre, funny, suspenseful and humane… an instant classic.’ Stephen Fry

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