Quartet by Ronald Hardwood

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  • Quartet

    10-13 April

Date: Wednesday, 10th April at 7:30pm – Saturday, 13th April

Location: Theatre

Synopsis: Quartet, by Ronald Harwood, is the play behind the successful movie starring Maggie Smith, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, Tom Courteney, and Michael Gambon.

It is about four ex-opera singers forced to live in a retirement home for musicians. Each of them growing old, and dealing with it differently.
Reggie pays his way, loves books, and order, but has a fierce battle with Angelique over marmalade!  Cissie, loves every minute, with swimming, committees to join, and
Nobby the gardener to spy on. But her mind is slipping. Wilf, a rebel, fills his day with passionate fantasies about Cissie, and sneaking the odd drink.
Then Jean arrives, Reggie’s ex-wife, reviving painful memories and still the diva, hating her old age. She refuses to take part in the annual concert for Verdi’s birthday. Will his music win the day?
Quartet is a bitter-sweet comedy about ageing, memories, and music.
An adult play with strong language, it is not suitable for younger children.