The Price of Land

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  • The Price of Land

    February 29th

Date: Saturday 29 February 2020 at 7.30pm.

Location: Theatre

Synopsis: Eight voices, eight stories, eight working lives, eight moments spread across half a millenium. Each playing a part in building our unique Cumbrian landscape.

This powerful verse-drama gives a voice to the forgotten people of the County: the quarrymen and miners, charcoal burners, peat-cutters, drovers, drystone-wallers and farmers of Cumbria. Through a series of episodes from 1568 to 2018 we hear stories that remind us that our experience of living and working in the rural North today has its roots in a shared and often uncompromising history.

Written by local poet and author Geoff Cox, and directed by the award-winning Kevin Dyer, this production ranges widely across the Cumbrian landscape, brilliantly captured in a shifting projection of stills and film, and set against a location-made soundtrack composed by Barrow born sound artist Damian Rose.