Ladies Down Under by Amanda Whittington

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  • Ladies Down Under

    16-19 October

Date: Wednesday, 16th October at 7:30pm – Saturday, 19th October

Location: Theatre

Synopsis: The ladies from the fish factory are back, this time in Australia, but as uproariously funny as ever.

Amanda Whittington’s Ladies Down Under is a sequel to her hit play, Ladies’ Day and follows the fortunes of Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda as they head to Australia.

Having won an absolute fortune at the races last time round in Ladies’ Day, the girls from Hull head off to Australia on the trip of a lifetime. But it’s not all fun Down Under. Jan is terrified that boyfriend, Joe (who left England for a new life at the beginning of Ladies’ Day) may have lost interest in her while he’s been abroad. Linda is struggling with the burden her new fortune has brought her. Shelley has frittered away her share on designer clothes and partying, but soon discovers she has very little to show for it. Meanwhile, Pearl is going through a life-changing event herself. The women each discover something about themselves as their bond deepens and they discover that money can’t buy you love, or happiness.