The Dock Brief by John Mortimer

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  • The Dock Brief

    28th January 2017

Date: Sat, 28th January at 7:30pm

Location: Bar production

Synopsis: Penrith Playhouse Bar is the venue for John Mortimer’s (Rumpole of The Bailey) hilarious and touching comedy play – The Dock Brief. Herbert Fowle is a mild-mannered bird-fancier who has murdered his wife because her raucous laughter drove him up the wall. Wilfred Morgenhall Q.C. is his aged defence lawyer. In the cell below the courtroom Morgenhall rehearses with Fowle what he will say at the big moments of the trial. The two men, from widely differing backgrounds, discover that they have more in common than they at first imagined, as their heart-warming friendship develops. The play has two scenes run without an interval and lasts about 70 minutes in total.