Christine Christie and the Brussels Sprouts Mystery

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  • Christine Christie and the Brussels Sprouts Mystery (or - Something Windy This Way comes)

    March 12th-14th

Date: Thursday, 12th March – Saturday, 14th March, 7.30pm

Location: Theatre

Synopsis: Christine Christie is a funny ‘Whodunnit’ spoof. Mixing humour with physical comedy it tells the story of Christine, newly married into the wealthy and titled Christie family. However, fairly soon Christine is found dead. Has she been murdered? Probably. How is she feeling? Not too good actually! Mix this in with identical twins, a Policeman called ‘Constable’, a Police Inspector called ‘Sergeant’ and a Police Sergeant called ‘Inspector’. Confused yet?? You will be! This comedy murder mystery will have you laughing from the first line right through to the last.

Come and join our younger players (12-17yrs), and support our future generations of performing artists, in this Comedy Whodunnit by Judith Henderson