All My Sons by Arthur Miller

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  • All My Sons

    25th-28th April

Date: Wednesday, 25th April at 7:30pm – Saturday, 28th April

Location: Theatre

Synopsis: Arthur Miller is recognised as one of the classic playwrights of the 20th century. His first play was All My Sons, a gripping post-War portrayal of a family facing up to their past.

Could you keep a secret that might ruin your life and family? A missing son and an unwelcome guest, secrets and betrayals all converge in a day of reckoning in this post-War gripping family drama from Arthur Miller, one of the greatest American playwrights.

We come across the Keller family enjoying an idle Sunday, peacefully living the American Dream. But within 24 hours a chain of discoveries unwittingly brought about by the surviving son rocks their comfortable existence. What does come first, family or idealism?

Come and join us for the ride, and wonder what, perhaps, you might have done.