A Dream Come True by Penrith Junior Players

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  • A Dream Come True

    July 25th - 27th

Date: Thursday, 25th July at 7:30pm – Saturday, 27th July

Location: Theatre

Synopsis: Just imagine… what would it be like if all of your dreams came true?

Well, meet Olivia. Olivia is a girl who daydreams. There’s nothing unusual about that – we all daydream. But Olivia’s daydreams are slightly different; they have a tendency to come true, leading to all sorts of strange happenings and madcap capers.

Is it all real? Is it all imagined? Or is it magic? Surely not – after all, there’s no such thing as magic… or is there?

This production is by our Junior Players and is suitable for families, including younger children. Written by Zoe Badder and Judith Henderson.